We are a sophisticated creative house that builds influential premium media and corporate editions for third parties. We create refined promotional strategies and multi-disciplinary solutions in every form of marketing, communicating, advertising and publishing.
Your voice is placed in the heart of our thinking. We can turn any of your desires from content creation to communication management and everything in between into reality.
We call this sophisticated creative house because this is exactly what we deliver for some of the best-loved brands and most discerning readers around the globe. Our collaboration with some of the world’s most prime media in luxury lifestyle & travel is the living proof that we translate ambition into results through clear and simple promotional strategy, engeniously brought to life.
Big or small ideas do not exist. We only believe in the right ideas exclusively tailor-made for your business, consumer and brand. Our endless longing to evolve and to find constantly better ways to think, to engage audiences, to entertain, to affect cultures and to exceed technical boundaries is what makes us stand out. If you are searching for a sophisticated approach for your brand to take it off, you are in the right direction.
Our philosophy
Our Capabilites
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Content Creation Communication Strategy Digital marketing Social media Integrated Campaigns Concept events Media representation Digital signage solutions Project management
Never ending creativity Holistic viewpoint Passion for work Proven efficiency Determination for success High standards Versatility Innovative thinking Always up to date Reliability Flexibility Accurate attribution and insights
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Our agency was founded in Athens,on June 9, 2007 by Elsa Soimiri. Elsa is a professional for over 20 years, with great experience in the fields of media, production, printing, editing and advertising.
Who We are
A team of renowned editors, journalists, illustrators, art directors and photographers unite their forces to create one-of-a kind influential publications.
The Elsers
Meanwhile, our highly experienced and educated group of creators, planners, digital experts, social media handlers, producers and designers gather together all the potential you need to bring the most influential and innovative ideas into life.
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341, Kifissias Avenue.
Kifissia, 14561, Athens Greece
tel : (+30) 210 6100211 / 210 6100212
fax:(+30) 210 6100213
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