Athens Riviera Journal An annual luxury magazine for the amazing Athenian Riviera. ARS reports on the pleasures of life, luxury goods and services, and the sights worth seeing, focusing on the Athenian Riviera, Greece as well as destinations across the globe. It speaks to a new generation of travelers and experienced globetrotters who want meaningful, engaging content coming from true insiders. Sophisticated art direction and premium execution provide discerning travelers with a unique platform as a window to the world. The images are breathtaking, the content insightful and illuminating, and each story becomes a beautiful portrayal of the destination and inspires fascinating travelers and their journeys in Greece as well as across the world.
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North Athens Stories North Athens Stories reports on the pleasures of life, luxury goods and services and the sights worth seeing focusing in North Athens, Greece as well as all over the globe. With a combination of high-profile interviews, and statements from important people in every sector, fabulous fashion spreads and exotic travel stories, North Athens Stories will be at the forefront of current trends featuring also articles about arts, destinations and experiences that celebrate life. Both stylish and forward-thinking in the right ways.
Read Current Issue View Archives Media Kit A portal for young women stands out as a lifestyle guide and a constant source of inspiration. Motivating and modern, edgy and optimistic, educating and advisory, fresh with clear design, informs, shares secrets, ideas, solutions and makes every day pleasant and more entertaining! is aimed mostly at women from 18 to 35 who take care of themselves, have many interests, love traveling and experiencing new things. Our readers are passionate and positive. has average per month 125.000 unique visitors, 468.000 page views and 68.000 social fans.
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